Rocket attack was poor, mainly because the Spurs good defense, especially under the protection of the basket, Aldridge and Gasol joint check, simply to the extreme, but also the presence of Duncan, so that the rocket only two in the restricted area to get 8 points Zachary Werenski Jerseys. Spurs attack bad Dean Kukan Jerseys, it is obvious that the ability of the problem, no one can rely on to change the defense to create the opportunity, in addition to Gasol's two co-ordination, the team with no bright spots James Wisniewski Jerseys, coupled with Leonard handsome, Playing very jerky. Toronto, the city, has a history called "Mud York" (Mud York), to commemorate the early immigrants in this cold and desolate land to build their homes to seek happiness. Tonight Duluo Zan is that diligent reclamation of the hero, but the people here, only to experience the happiness of the three sections Scott Hartnell Jerseys. Of course, Parker missed the impact of the Spurs is also very direct, so that the Spurs offensive efficiency greatly reduced. Parker injury before the season, the season are averaging 15.9 points and 3.1 assists and 2.5 rebounds, hit rate of 52.6%, hit the score of 57.9%, averaging can hit 1.4 three. He did not affect the Spurs system after the foundation, but the efficiency of the team, so that the Spurs only 43 points in the first half, hit rate of only 40.8%. "This is my career to see the worst attack, the other is good, that is offensive too bad." After the end of the first section of the game, Popovich on the sidelines of an interview with a black line, rage the team offensive.