James became a free agent, Knight can not contact James, can only take Brown surgery. But everyone knows, then let James dissatisfied, not just Brown, the most important thing is the strength of the knight's lineup. Rely on Mo - Williams, Deron - West these people, how can the Green Army and the Big Three to compete? So, in order to complete their championship dream, James went to Miami, and Wade, Bosh formed the Big Three. Speaking of which, let us look at the Warriors in the West in the potential opponents David Savard Jerseys. Through three games Dean Kukan Jerseys, the Spurs gradually occupied the upper hand of the series Curtis Mcelhinney Jerseys. Popovich's divine machine was dwarfed by D'Antoni, and the perfect match was played by the second and third war spurs, so if the rocket was not in tune, it would probably be the end of the season. For the warriors, the regular season against the rocket when they are completely afraid, opened the fort is on the boom. Four times this season, the Warriors won the final victory three times. The warriors gave a strong signal, "We are not afraid of your third Joonas Korpisalo Jerseys, because you only have three points.We have in the distance, there is empty cut, there are back singles. Means as fast, but strokes fatal. So, if the rocket, the Warriors actually take advantage.