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James became a free agent

Le 8 mai 2017, 05:29 dans Humeurs 0

James became a free agent, Knight can not contact James, can only take Brown surgery. But everyone knows, then let James dissatisfied, not just Brown, the most important thing is the strength of the knight's lineup. Rely on Mo - Williams, Deron - West these people, how can the Green Army and the Big Three to compete? So, in order to complete their championship dream, James went to Miami, and Wade, Bosh formed the Big Three. Speaking of which, let us look at the Warriors in the West in the potential opponents David Savard Jerseys. Through three games Dean Kukan Jerseys, the Spurs gradually occupied the upper hand of the series Curtis Mcelhinney Jerseys. Popovich's divine machine was dwarfed by D'Antoni, and the perfect match was played by the second and third war spurs, so if the rocket was not in tune, it would probably be the end of the season. For the warriors, the regular season against the rocket when they are completely afraid, opened the fort is on the boom. Four times this season, the Warriors won the final victory three times. The warriors gave a strong signal, "We are not afraid of your third Joonas Korpisalo Jerseys, because you only have three points.We have in the distance, there is empty cut, there are back singles. Means as fast, but strokes fatal. So, if the rocket, the Warriors actually take advantage.

Control rebounds

Le 8 mai 2017, 05:28 dans Humeurs 0

Control rebounds, play the advantages of the restricted area, strangling the rocket shooter group, forcing Harden as less like a singles, grinding to the fourth quarter Blue Jackets Jerseys, calm and strong end of the game. This is not a commentator peer repeatedly advocated in 2014 before and after the signature of the Spurs Basketball, but please, okay, which is before 2011 won four championships longer Spurs basketball. Spurs basketball is not dead, Popovich will change, and the times is not the Spurs' ex-girlfriend, not so easy to get rid of the Spurs. As a rocket defense, Trevor Ariza also talked about the team's defense, he said: "We must play defense at the crucial moment, it is important, if not defensive, we have no chance. Whether we can hit Shooting, can not play the defensive words, we have no chance to win. They have an offensive round in the two or three times the opportunity to attack Seth Jones Jerseys, we played well in the second half. Parker is no longer the core of the Spurs offense system, he will not completely damage the spurs after the injury system, which he and Rajang - Rondo injured the biggest difference. In the Bulls against the Celtics series, the Bulls can be a big score 2-0 lead, because Rondo comes with the system, both ends of the offensive and defensive play a very important role Zachary Werenski Jerseys, he was injured after the Bulls offensive system Completely collapsed, by the Green Army 4-game winning streak away Scott Hartnell Jerseys.

Lost Parker the Spurs offensive

Le 8 mai 2017, 05:28 dans Humeurs 0

Lost Parker, the Spurs offensive end really heavy losses. Lost not only this year's playoffs that each small 20 points, more importantly, the creation of the opportunity to attack, there are changes in the rhythm. Today, the first half, both teams played a rare low level of attack, the Rockets had 39 points, the Spurs also took only 43 points, the Rockets shooting less than 30%, the Spurs have just 40%. Team coach D'Antoni also made his own opinion, and he felt that the Spurs did not adjust against the Rockets' offense, but kept their slow pace, so the next rocket needed more transfer and ball David Savard Jerseys. Although the team did not play well today Fedor Tyutin Jerseys, but played very hard. Rockets today's speed was tightly controlled by the Spurs, fast break did not play a few times, D'Antoni said: "The Spurs back to do well, although they appeared 20 mistakes, but we have several times Can turn their mistakes into scoring and we'll go back and watch the video Jeremy Morin Jerseys. Spurs are not the same, Parker and Kewei - Leonard is the Spurs playoff season to play the most stable two players, is the team's second point in the playoffs, but he is no longer the Spurs attack The starting point and the core. Easy to say, he was injured after the Spurs is less of an offensive choice and an end point Brian Gibbons Jerseys, the whole system is still around the healthy operation of Leonard and others.

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